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You miss her. You still do.
That’s what you told me when I asked you.
She’s not replying to your messages anymore,
Because obviously, she’s really ignoring you.

You miss her. You keep on telling me you do.
Once, we were reminiscing about random things we do.
Yet unfortunately, and as usual, a thought popped.
A memory of her, again, made a lonely version of you.

You miss her. I know you really do.
You keep on talking about her laughter –
How you miss her voice, her touch when you’re together.
But when she left you, she wasn’t even bothered.

You asked me one time, out of self-pity.
“Did she really loved me?”
“If she did, why would she do this to me?”
“Why on earth do the people I love can’t even love me?”

You miss her. You will always do.
I get tired of hearing it, too.
Because you’re also missing out on people and things around you.
My friend, please notice that I’m also here to love you.