Left Behind

The first time I met you, the moment I said my 'yes', I knew I was willing to take a risk - the risk of falling in love, the risk of being left behind, the risk of having my heart broken. I have always believed that you're worth the risk. I am writing this because… Continue reading Left Behind

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24th of May

24th of May, year 2013 You have no idea how clueless I'd been That that day would mark a scar To my once unscathed and innocent heart 24th of May A day I'll always wish to forget Bright and sunny turned to rainy I'd always wish we've never met 24th of May A day that… Continue reading 24th of May

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How Could It Be

I dreamt of the good old times And foresaw the possible good days How futuristic could it be When in spite the pain in the past In my tomorrow, it's still you I want to see I remembered the small things you've done And reminded myself that there's nothing grand But how amazing could it… Continue reading How Could It Be

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Madayaw (A Visayan Poem)

Ako ra isa galakaw-lakaw Ilalom sa init nga adlaw Grabeng pagtulo sa singot Sabay sa daghang tawo nga nagguot Araw ng Dabaw, lami ilaag Pwede ra masking asa masaag Hugyaw diri, hugyaw didto Dunay kalingawan bisan asa muadto Mga pagkaong lamian Mga dalan ug kaagi nga dili malimtan Mga produktong angay ipasigarbo Mugna gikan sa… Continue reading Madayaw (A Visayan Poem)