How Could It Be

I dreamt of the good old times
And foresaw the possible good days
How futuristic could it be
When in spite the pain in the past
In my tomorrow, it’s still you I want to see

I remembered the small things you’ve done
And reminded myself that there’s nothing grand
But how amazing could it be
That with all your simplicity
I still can’t forget how extraordinary you are to me

I reminisced the words you’ve told me
And how much I wanted to hear your affection
How deafening could it be
That in spite all the silent treatment you gave me
I’d still choose you to sing love songs with me

I can still feel the agony of our sour dates
Filled with wrong choices of oversalted food
But how tasty could it be
That in spite all the bitterness
I’m still longing for that sweetness you’ve had for me

Oh how long will it take
When I think of you in every move I make
How pitiful could I be
As I hope we’re still together
Knowing, everyday, that everything was over


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