Before I Met You

Before I met you
Life was bland but way simpler
No complexities, just black and white
I should have known better

Before I met you
Life was easier and I was happier
Didn’t need someone to make me smile Guessed I should have known better

Because when I met you
Life started to be filled with colors
There was green, red and laughter
Hoping it was something better

When I met you
T’was no longer just happiness but ecstasy
Excitement and elation felt when we’re together
Back then, I was certain it’s better

Yes, I met you
You add everything, filled every corner
Blasted me with hues of delight, sadness and fright
Will it ever still get better?

I met you
Maybe we’re just meant to stay there
Just an ordinary meeting of strangers
Is it something I can call better?

You came to meet me
Maybe you came to feel something for me
But I met you to realize I’ll just leave you
And I knew that ain’t better for us two

Before I met you
It was never an option to leave someone
Never thought it’s what I’ve done
Don’t know if something better was really gone

Because as I left you
I left my heart with you
You took everything and left me with blues
Was wrong when I thought I was better without you

After I left you
Life has changed somehow
Regrets were felt then, even now
I’ll get better but how?

But I’m never going back to you
Because I left you
I was just meant to cross roads with you
But not journey with you

I left you, I finally met you
Life was bland but never simpler
More complexities, back to black and white Should I have regrets this time?
I should have known better


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