To the girl who thought she’s not enough… (An Open Letter)

You are enough.

You may be filled with insecurities but all he sees in you are the good things. He loves you because you’re everything he needs and wants for a girl could be. What more could he ask for?

You are strong.

You are way far from being weak. You’ve handled so much stress, so much worry, so much pain. Now is not the time to give him up because…

You are a fighter.

You have been through many struggles, many challenges. You fought so hard for everything you have right now. Why not fight a little harder for him then? Because…

You are a winner.

You have him. And he’s more than just a trophy or a single piece of gold attached to a string that hangs by your neck. He’s a priceless award you can never trade for anything in this world. He’s more than the reward you can have after all your hard work. Because girl,

He cares for you, so much.

Just one word and he’s there as fast as the speed of light, ready to give into your request. Your smile has enlightened his dark world. And he would do everything for you. He can even sacrifice other things that matter just for you. Because…

He is a dreamer.

And he dreams about you. He wants to dream with you. Because just from the very start, you were not just part of a dream. You are the dream.

He’s a fighter, too.

Remember when you almost wanted to give up? He was about to crumble into tiny pieces. No, he was about to disappear into the abyss of the unknown universe. He was losing focus and you were leaving. But no, he’s willing to let go of the important parts of the puzzle right in his grasp, just for you, the bigger, probably the biggest, and most valuable piece. He will never give you up.

Girl, you might be consumed by the world around you or by some wicked fantasies inside you but he’s willing to give you a real-life fairy tale. He’s willing to give you a love story far better than the novels you’ve read nor by the songs you’ve heard. Because girl,

He loves you.

You were as priceless as he was to you. He was weak but he wants to be strong for you. He’s about to lose but he’s willing to battle a war just to have you. And he may have failed sometimes, but he never failed to show his never-ending love for you. Because…

You are beautiful.

He sees your imperfections in the most perfect way possible. He may see other girls everyday but his eyes are just focused on you. Enough of the drama. Both of you have went far enough. You’ve been through enough hardships.

You still love him, right? Because he never stopped loving you, and he will never do. So before you’ll regret it, never let him slip through your grip because you’re not the only fighter, you’re not the only girl who needs a reward and you are not always the winner. And before he gets tired, love him as much as he loves you.


You are beautiful. You are important. You are a fighter. You are strong. You are enough. You have him. He has you. You are a winner.


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